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    Female Breast and Buttocks Beauty Plastic surgery

    Masculino mama e nádegas Beleza Cirurgia Plástica

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    Female Breast, Vagina and Buttocks Beauty Plastic Surgery 

    3. Reduction mammaplasty

    Major is a congenital giant. Make it through the surgery reduced to a reasonable size, can be solved on the one hand, women born macromastia the request of the United States for the body; on the other hand, can reduce erosion macromastia such as the skin caused by pain. The disadvantage is that the larger surgical trauma, postoperative scar significantly.

    4. The nipple and areola of plastic surgery

    Plastic surgery, including correction of inverted nipple and nipple to narrow. There is every woman's experience, pre-pregnancy nipple is small and light red, but after the expansion of production, and darken the. The main purpose of shaping areola is narrow and drift red, put it back in shape when young, more attractions!

    5. Lung hip surgery

    Lung hip surgery

    This is similar to breast augmentation surgery. Medical materials will be filling in the hip, so full, wider, bend. At present, we think it is more feasible is the best material of its own fat. For example, the abdomen filling out the excess fat in the hips, you can do both. Most of the Asian women's hips do not Alice, if you remove some of the drop, and reached to the top of the bend of the hips, it can create your buttocks charming style.

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