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    Young girls breast pain should not be ignored

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    Young girls breast pain should not be ignored
    More than 10-year-old girl when the physiological development period, with the physiological changes on other sensitive, like pre-menstrual phase of breast pain is a result of the girls were shy and not willing to outsiders topic. However, the breast specialist said that in recent years, young women breast disease trends showed younger, 10-20-year-old woman often have varying degrees of mammary hyperplasia and mammary tumor incidence, clinical see there is 15-16 year-old woman children suffering from breast lobular hyperplasia.

    For breast pain, a lot of girls think it is normal situation. In fact, most of them are suffering from breast hyperplasia. To a serious extent, may develop into a tumor. So young girls with symptoms should pay attention to timely medical treatment, Moin shy missed the treatment of neglected diseases.

    Taub hospital, director of the Breast Section reminder that the emergence of hyperplasia of mammary glands is mainly due to excessive stress, emotional instability and other factors lead to endocrine disorders. Now Senior adolescent girls studying nervous, the pressure has become a breast lobular hyperplasia of the main reasons for the increase. Many other factors will also affect the endocrine, such as the secretion of ovarian dysfunction, mental tension, excessive tiredness, irregular living, restaurants, etc., leading to in vivo estrogen levels, estrogen and progesterone level of imbalance of estrogen to stimulate breast tissue cells hyperplasia. After a period of time, if the proliferation of breast tissue can not be completely dissipated, then the formation of breast adenosis or fibroadenoma, which is connected with breast cancer will have a direct contact.

    Early detection, early detection is the key to the prevention of breast disease. Parents of adolescent girls should be given to many concerned about menstrual the first 10 days are the best time for breast examination, the mother if the child should not carry out self-examination guide, it should go to the hospital specialist consultative.

    Dr. Cui said that breast disease is a common, frequently-occurring disease, many kinds of illness, performance is similar to the diagnosis are also different, so it is up in the prevention is very important. Girls in their daily lives to maintain a good mood, learn to regulate their own emotions, attention to diet, it is necessary to do any work, many take part in training.

    Secondly, good eating habits is also crucial, catering to diversified, nutritious, and to time, quantitative, rules of good eating habit. Have planned intake of adequate nutrition and calories. Eat more vitamin A, vitamin C, food and low-fat diet, eat nutritious foods seeds nuts, not to consumption of beverages containing hormones.

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