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    Argon-Helium Cryoablation

    Argon-hélium cryoablation

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    Argon-Helium Cryoablation

    Cryo-HITTM cryogenic refrigeration system is a minimally invasive surgery ultra-low temperature frozen tumor ablation medical equipment. It is the aerospace guidance technology, which is isolated from the cold argon technology to the crystallization of the medical field.

    Cryo-HITTM surgery system is frozen by the Israeli company Galileo products. Israel Galileo cryotherapy is one of the world market leader in equipment, research and development headquarters in Israel YOKNEAM. Cryo-HITTM Galileo brand is number one brand in Europe and the United States market, the product retains more than the world's 400 with 33 patents.

    Cryo-HITTM low temperature operation system was adopted in 1997, the State of Israel Ministry of Health, Health Technology and structure of the Authority, the approval of medical devices registered; in 1999 through the European Community CE certification; in 2000 through the United States FDA registered, it is the world's only I have been FDA approved for the treatment of liver, lung, breast, uterus, kidney, prostate, nerves (including the nerve pain), and skeletal systems, such as benign and malignant tumor cryoablation therapy equipment; in May 2003 China's State Food and Drug Registration Administration SFDA approval to enter the Chinese market, approved for oncology, general surgery, thoracic surgery, dermatology, ENT, obstetrics and gynecology, anorectal Branch, urology, neurology (including the nerve pain) and other sections of the Surgical treatment of low-temperature freezer. Cryo-Hit  low temperature operation SFDA registration system called "Cryo-Hit  low temperature operation system", registration number for possession of firearms Sinopharm (into) the word No. 2003, No. 3580683.

    The State of Israel EC CE certificate of registration certificate of registration certificates of registration in the United States FDA China SFDA certificate of registration

    Minimally invasive treatment of tumor targeting technology - the U.S. super-cold argon-helium knife, is the world's only 150 degrees below zero at the same time both the ultra-low temperature freezer, interventional therapy, 200-degree temperature difference, such as reversal and multiple immune-enhancing the effectiveness of high-tech health care system. High fever, or simply better than cryotherapy. More thoroughly and effectively kill cancer cells. The level of tumor therapy with the world simultaneously, the introduction of the United States in 2002, ultracold Cryocare knife tumor therapy systems, which is a pure physical therapy, have completely destroyed the precise effect of cancer treatment (more than 95% efficient), the treatment does not lead to cancer cell proliferation , minimally invasive treatment without pain, quick recovery, do not damage normal tissue, radiotherapy and chemotherapy with different super-cold argon-helium treatment of non-toxic side effects blade can also be effective in regulating the cytokine and antibody secretion, after the method of the patients after treatment , the body's immune function significantly improved over pre-treatment, long-term survival rate significantly improved with treatment was also low-cost, the advantages of short hospital stay. It is the second of radiofrequency catheter ablation, microwave, laser, ultrasonic knife gathered, such as Gamma Knife developed tumors after treatment of high-tech. In the treatment of lung, liver, breast, kidney tumors and other solid tumors have a significant advantage. On behalf of the world's most advanced level of cancer treatment.

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